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World Gospel Outreach (WGO)
Since the conception of Latitude, we have partnered with World Gospel Outreach to send teams to both Honduras and Belize for short-term mission trips. These trips have given us the opportunity to provide care for displaced and abandoned children, offer help for dental and medical needs, and most importantly: share the gospel and experience the joy that comes through serving.


Bethany Global
In January 2017, we joined forces with Bethany Global in Ethiopia. We were invited to send a representative to join the team and travel with them. This began not only a partnership, but a family. We believe that a family setting is the best place for children to grow, and Bethany Global makes it possible for children to stay in their home country, with a local family whenever possible.


Latitude Church has had the opportunity for the past three years to pour into our local high school.  We provide the pregame team meal for all of the home football games as well as the girls varsity basketball team.  We feed, not only their bellies, but their souls with the Word of God.  We have seen several of these students begin a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


While we support global missions wholeheartedly, we also believe that there is work to be done in our own community. Project 252 is the umbrella that covers all of our local outreach.

Transitional Home
In 2016, a house was donated to our church to be used for ministry. While it needed a lot of work, our congregation came together to completely restore it. Now, this house is used to help families get back on their feet financially. The transitional home offers a warm, safe, and comfortable environment with a minimal cost to families with hopes of transitioning them into their own home within a year.

Reach Week
Each year, we dedicate an entire week (Monday – Friday) to local mission work. Our church body divides and conquers to be the hands and feet of Jesus through a variety of service projects all over our community. Reach Week 2018 will take place July 30 – August 3.

Saturday Serve
On the first Saturday of every month, we have teams who serve all over our community to complete local service projects. If you know of a local need, please email serving@latitude.church. To get involved with

Saturday Serve, fill out the form below!