The STAND ministry exists to support children, teens and adults who would benefit from the support of a trained “BUDDY” while at church services and events.


Serving Teens Adults and Nursery that are Differently Abled.



Reach individuals with special needs and disabilities. We believe that everyone is important to God, everyone matters, and everyone can receive the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In our experience, we have seen that in most cases, those who are differently abled thrive from being around others. For that reason, we choose not to separate our S.T.A.N.D. children and students from the classroom, unless necessary. Instead, we pair them up with a “Buddy” who goes to class with them, allows them to interact with others their age, and gives them individual attention when necessary. We do provide the option to separate those who do not thrive in an environment with others.



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Shirley Pearson

(916) 952-6288

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