Information and Expectation for Entering Phase One

PHASE 1: More Attendance Options

Touch-less Services at 8:30AM & 10AM

|| REGATHERING June 21st (based on the best information and wisdom available at this time).
Our sole concern is for the people and families of Latitude Church. We understand the desperate hunger people have for gathering and fellowship, and we will proceed with caution, adhering to the CDC’s recommendations where we feel it is necessary. God never stops, so neither do we. No matter what season you are in, Latitude Church strongly desires to bring the message of Hope to all those within its orbit. How and when you chose to gather is an individual/couple/family choice. Whether you choose to engage in our online At Home Experience, or gather within our building, we want to WELCOME HOME all people into the presence, depth, and reality that is King Jesus. We support and acknowledge that this is a difficult time for leaders and pastors alike, and want to thank all church leaders of any kind for their commitment to King Jesus and His ministry across our state, the US, and across the world to manage, minister, and mediate the complexities of regathering the Body of Christ.

Who may attend Latitude Church upon its opening?

Anyone and everyone! We are adding live gathering options for those that feel comfortable doing so, and our At Home Experience will continue as always for those that want to attend and gather remotely.

What is a touch-less service?

A touch-less service consists of the following:

||None, to as little contact with others as possible.
No materials exchanging hands of any kind from person to person. 
No one minute mingle and fellowship time within our services.

|| Hand sanitizer stations.

A maximum of 1 hour services.

|| Volunteers will be serving and assisting with foot traffic flow, refilling hand sanitizer designated areas, cleaning bathrooms, and welcoming people with our normal teams.

|| Volunteers wearing face coverings.

||We are reopening our family groups. Visit our website to find a family group. Contact for further information.

|| We will have a social distancing seating arrangement.
We will have family seating in all three sections of the worship center near the back so that we can eliminate distractions with children for our online attendees and for those in attendance as well.

|| An entrance and exit flow inside our Church Lobby.

|| No more than 350 people within the main auditorium per service.

||There will be additional seating in designated overflow areas in a separate building in an effort to keep numbers down inside the main auditorium.

|| People will have the opportunity to pray at the alters, however, our prayer room and prayer team will not be open and running at this time.

|| Our Church Cafe will not be open at this time.

Offering baskets will not be passed.

|| Elders will have offering baskets at all exit doors.

|| Auditorium doors will be open 30 minutes prior to the services: 8:30AM & 10AM

How long will phase one be in motion?

Phase one will be in motion until our Lead Paster, Executive team, and Latitude Elders conclude that we are safe and ready to enter into Phase 2. There is no timeframe and restriction placed on phase 1 of regathering Latitude Church.

Will Latitude change phase 1 based on further COVID-19 information and outbreaks within our area if things rapidly develop?

Yes! Latitude has always had “change” as a core value and this season is no different. We are not afraid to completely change any and all of phase 1 as the COVID-19 virus impacts our community. Safety is our number one priority.

Will Child Care be provided?

Yes! We are prepared to offer safe and well-organized Childcare. We have made family seating easy to find, safe, and accessible. Our Childcare program is going to run in the 8:30AM & 10AM serviceS. This childcare is for Infants- 4 years old only. All other children are invited to attend our services inside our designated family sections.

Romans 8:28 KJV And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

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